Web Hosting

Working Gears offers two tiers of hosting:

Domain setup and configuration

We help manage your domain and make any changes required


Your site will be issued with SSL/HTTPS certificates, encrypting all traffic between your users and the site.


Nightly and weekly backups


Site is monitored at 5 minute intervals for uptime ensuring consistent site availability for all users and visitors


Server security patches and stable patches installed regularly.

Software updates

The sites software will be regularly checked for updates and stable releases and patches will be applied to keep the sites running smoothly and securely

Support retainer

Support is a reserved block of time per month. Have quick access to a developer for any feature or fix, big or small.

We tailor the pricing of your hosting to you and your expected needs and traffic. Reach out for more details

Why host with us? Because it's dead simple!
Don't worry about all the technical jargon, we'll look after you